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Crafts, Metals and Ore Refining with a Twist!

The core team of Ore.e Refineries is based in Finland and is presented below. It is, however, important to emphasize the importance of local producers such as Boris "The Watcher" Azianou of Grand Popo, Benin and organizers such as Jussi Koitela, Leena Kela & Christopher Hewitt, Andrew Gryf Paterson and others.  It is Ore.e Ref.'s policy to develop all projects in a manner that will support local economies and craft skills in the best possible way. For Finnish audiences we recommend this audio documentary:

Eero Yli-Vakkuri, Management & Sales

Eero_Yli-VakkuriHello, I am Eero. I am a carpenter and an artist working in the field of socially engaged and new media arts. If you want more information on our company I suggest to you look to the Press, Investors and Etc site.

If you want to develop a more personal relationship to the materials you use in your work Ore.e Ref. is an option you should seriously consider. Especially if you want to be prepared for the true post-industrial era.

We really know what we are doing and can help you to produce metal products and generally in any craft and design related issue!

By making the labor and energy needed in metal refining visible, we hope to develop general understanding of the technological, historical and political connections at the heart of materials and technologies. We hope this will add to the face value of the artefacts you want to produce.
Jesse Sipola, Head of Technology & Design

Jesse_SipolaHi, My name is Jesse. I am a blacksmith and a designer living in Turku, Finland. I have been working with metal since 1999, first as a artisan of blacksmithing and since 2003 as a designer.

I am interested in traditional craft methods and I try to merge these methods to my work as a contemporary designer. If you are truly looking for  sustainable metalworking solutions I am here to help.

I´ve collected a lot of traditional craft skills when traveling and working in Namibia and South-Africa. Local artisans there often work with really low-tech devices and have little if any materials to use in their work.

They produce items which merge robust methods with contemporary materials. This this inspirational. More information on my artistic work in my web portfolio and notes on my history with this company here. I know we can help you in metal related issues!

The Company
Pekka Ruuska, Liaison

Pekka-RuuskaRuuska was contracted to act as a liaison of the companies southeastern African relations and businesses for the duration of his trip to The Republic of Mozambique 03.03-17.03.2012.

Ruuska was assigned to A. To investigate the possibility to build a traveler maintained commerce route and crafts culture relations network. B. To acquire samples of copper and to salvage 19th century telegraph technology related to the "Cape to Cairo Red Line" infrastructure. Full assignment available trough link (.pdf). The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (.pdf) by Benjamin Walter was also included in the assignment package.
Lauri Wuolio, Contractor

Lauri-WuolioWuolio was contracted to select and/or craft items to be stored in a time-capsule which was hidden inside a ~5ton boulder rock, situated in the seashore of Helsinki.

Items in the time-capsule are expected to become  accessible for audiences in 500-1000 years. Items Wuolio chose are hidden behind "The Message – EWS1#" Navigational Device. EWS1# is encrypted with instructions which may be used to find the Onkalo, nuclear waste repository site. Details on the time-capsule content entitled "Kharon’s Obol" are available on Wuolio's website and full assignment documents available trough link.

Topi Äikäs, Contractor

Topi-AikasÄikäs was contracted to remould a plaster bust of Johan Vilhelm Snellman (1806-1881) into concrete.

The original bust was sculpted by Johannes Takanen (1884/1896). Äikäs was instructed to make a silicone mold of the plaster, so that multiple copies of the bust can be manufactured. A special flowerpot version was cast and used in Seli-seli seppele (2013) artwork by Ore.e Ref. The piece is located in Toijala Co-educational School & Akaa Gymnasium building in Akaa, Finland. Full assignment documents available trough link (.pdf).
Eleonoora Lundell, Researcher

Eleonora-LundellPhD. student Lundell was assigned to study the Technography of a Copperplate during her research trip to Brazil.

Lundell transported a copperplate manufactured by Ore.e Ref. with her to São Paulo. On site she interviewed various practitioners of Afro-Brazilian religions. During the encounters she explained the copperplates manufacturing process. After the introduction she interviewed, observed and documented how people interacted with the plate. Documentations of these encounters are available on request.

Päivi Raivio, Contractor

Raivio was contracted to design and manufacture a garment from a used automobile seat. The making of the riding-jacked is documented in a short video and on her personal webapges.

Over the years Raivio has organized  many events that Ore.e Ref. participated in. Highlights include Swingers Club for Mature Chairs (2012) chair repair workshop, "The Anti-Imperial Mustache wax – Kääntöpöytä edition" beeswax harvesting event (using honeycombs from a urban farming center in Pasila) and "The Rescue Museum: Digital-to-Tangible Clinic & Workshop" she organized for late 2016.
Hanna Karppinen, Rider (Trans-Horse)

Hanna-KarppinenKarppinen joined the Trans-Horse project late 2013. She has worked in the project as a horse culture instructor and animal care specialist.

In 2014 Karppinen organized riding gear for the production and arranged the Awaited Son's (Horse) training routines. She participated in the production and execution of the HKI-TKU riding expedition. After the expedition she started work on the Come Together, Leave Together (30min) documentary (Premiered in 2015). The film provides an inside view to contemporary horse culture.

Pietari Kylmälä, Rider (Trans-Horse)

Kylmälä joined the Trans-Horse project late 2013. He started to study riding and participated in the organization/execution of the HKI-TKU riding expedition.

Kylmälä documented the project trough regular broadcast for the radio. He has also written articles on horses, art and sustainability. 2015-2018 he co-hosted "Horse & Performance" courses for the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. Links to Kylmälä's work can be found on his webpages and soundcloud site.

The Honorary

Outi Heiskanen, Int. Consultant on Methodological Robustness

Outi_HeiskanenOuti also know as Heis was involved with Ore.e Ref. since the beginning both as a customer for the copperplate services and a member of the staff. They served as Ore.e Ref.'s internal consultant on methodological robustness- Which meant that when the durability of specific materials or long term benefits of some production processes became a concern their input was needed.

Their expertise came from the field of printmaking where the techniques have remained relatively the same for some 522 years. Yet, these methods produce better quality imagery then any automated processes ever will. This is because there is a person responsible for every step which adds to better results and transparent processes. Heis believed that their expertise in printmaking technologies could be applied to all sorts of craft issues.

In memoriam Outi Heiskanen (1937-2022)

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