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Crafts, Metals and Ore Refining with a Twist!

Our services can be divided into two categories: Public pedagogy & research on degrowth strategies (workshops, lectures, campaigns) and on-demand craft projects for private clients & organizations. An example of our educational services is found in this pictorial Smithing in Public Places. Many of our pro bono activities are also accessible online. As an example please view this pictorial and feel free to develop your own work using these tips. For a list on what we are up to turn to our "Current projects" page.

Concerning private clients we are at our best when adapting to the needs of demanding professionals with specific requirements. What we can do is up to your imagination. We work with high-tech (top of the line contemporary tools), low-tech (old, rusty and robust) and no-tech which means that we literally build our own tools using materials from the surroundings. We are currently working mostly with metals. More specifically copper products but we are expanding our territory to  new fields. Projects in development include,  research on making plates suitable for fine art printmaking and the manufacture of a set of miniature sculptures depicting mine workers. In both projects we work in close collaboration with top of the line contemporary artists.

When you are looking for non-normative technologies and ethically solid solutions to fill your craft and metal related needs, may it be raw materials, developed products or  consulting... We will work up a solution which benefits you in the best possible way.  We can set up the equipment needed in ore refining, metal works and crafts in any environment and can meet your needs at any site globally!

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